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Olympic Games: No medals for Romania in today’s finals

Cătălina Ponor at the 2016 European Championships in Bern.

We are experiencing an extraordinary Olympics. The level of gymnastics has been defined by many well performed, high difficulty routines and gymnasts who challenge each other to do better or more so that they can reach the podium. One step, one hesitation, the loss of a connection would often differentiate the medalist from the finalist. …

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Rio Olympics: Three Romanians in three finals


Cătălina Ponor, Marian Drăgulescu and Andrei Muntean made it to one Olympic final each during this weekend‘s qualification events. Despite the huge amount of pressure, caused mainly by the Romanian teams not being present at these Games (this was, probably, the most talked about fact during the opening ceremony when Cătălina led the Romanian delegation …

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The most interesting routines of the 2016 Romanian Nationals

Ioana Crișan, Larisa Iordache and Carmen Glăvan made up the All-around podium.

Cluj hosted the Artistic Gymnastics Romanian Nationals last weekend, in the very same arena that will host next year‘s European Championship. Apart from the national titles, the last two spots for the Rio Olympics (one for the ladies and another for the men) were also at stake here. Going into this competition, Cătălina Ponor struggled …

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Rio Test Event. The Romanian women’s team sees their Olympic chances fading away

Anamaria Ocolisan

A truly difficult day for Romanian Artistic Gymnastics, a position this team was not familiar with after so many successful years in the world’s elite but which is logical when considering the low number of healthy gymnasts Romania has had at its disposal in recent years. We could look at the format of this competition …

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Romania in second in the ROU-BEL-GER meet

Andreea Iridon

The German, Belgian and Romanian WAG teams, direct competitors for a ticket to the Olympics at the upcoming Rio Test Event, met today in Mouscron (Belgium) for one last friendly meet before they will be heading out to Brasil. Diana Bulimar, Cătălina Ponor, Denisa Stanciu, Silvia Zarzu, Andreea Iridon, Dora Vulcan and Maria Holbură competed …

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The road to Rio: comebacks, medals and the first names for the test event

Diana Bulimar

The first names for the Rio test event, where the last tickets for the Olympic Games will be at stake, were announced last week. Cătălina Ponor, Diana Bulimar, Laura Jurca, Anamaria Ocolișan, Dora Vulcan, Silvia Zarzu and Anda Butuc were nominated for the WAG team (with Larisa Iordache injured and out for the event). Romania …

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2012 Romanian Gymnastics Gala

Larisa Iordache, 2012 Olympics

When 2011 was over, we were so looking forward to what 2012 would bring. And it was quite a surprising year! We had the chance to watch Romania win again a European team title, an Olympic gold medal and lots of other medals. We sang the anthem with our boys and girls and now it´s time, …

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Top 10 Romanian gymnastics moments of the year

Catalina Ponor, 2012 Olympics

Hearing the Romanian anthem in London. This, for me, sums up everything about Romanian gymnastics this year. I was lucky enough to be there and take this back to all of you. Thank you for following and supporting Romanian gymnastics! Happy 2013!! Watch here… 1. Sandra – Vault (London Olympic Games) When a gymnast makes …

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Romanian gymnastics team attends Christmas show


The entire Romanian Women´s gymnastics team – Larisa Iordache, Sandra Izbasa, Catalina Ponor, Diana Bulimar and Dana Andrei – together with their coaches Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu attended a special edition Christmas show dedicated entirely to gymnastics. They received gifts and discussed how they are relaxing after the Olympics.Take a look here! … … …

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Catalina Ponor: The secret of my success?! Work, more work, ambition and consistency.

Catalina Ponor

Catalina´s next competition will be held in Mexico between the 22nd-25th of November. Cătălina, how are your holidays going? I´ve been taking a rest, relaxing with my friends and family. I´m having a great holiday and I´m enjoying the moments I spend with my loved ones. Are you used to your new schedule? There was …

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