Romania, third in the medal ranking at the Aerobic Worlds

Corina Constantin

Corina Constantin

Romanian Aerobic Gymnastics manages, with every year and every new generation, to remain among the “superpowers” of this sport and 2016 was no exception. As with every major Aerobic competition, all events are squeezed into 3 intense days with gymnasts competing many times in the same day. A fan can spend numerous hours in the arena, watching his favorites perform throughout qualifications and the team final (which are one and the same) or the 7 event finals of this sport (Individual Women and Men, Mixed Pairs, Trio, Group, Aerobic Dance and Step). 15 Romanians competed in 6 of these events and are taking home 3 medals, one of each colour. This places Romania in third in the overall medal ranking (following China and South Korea, which were first and second, respectively).

The gold medal and title of World Champion – the only one missing from an already impressive medal recold – went to 24 year old Corina Constantin. She had been training for the past two years with this objective in mind, after coming second in this event in 2014 (she did win two gold and two silver medals back then!). In the meantime, she also added two more European titles to her name… Her achievement at this championship is even more spectacular considering she now holds all main individual titles of the sport: she is the current European, World and World Games champion! Despite being a regular presence in all major events and finals for the past 5 years (her first important title came at the 2011 Bucharest European Championships where she won gold in the Individual Women´s event), Corina is still not a familiar name back home, where her achievements are not very well known. We´ve tried to put together an overview of the most important medals won by Corina throughout the years, here:

  • European Championships: 2 gold medals – Individual (2011, 2015), 2 gold medals – Team (2013, 2015), gold – Trio (2013), silver – Group (2013);
  • World Championships: gold – Individual (2016), gold – Team (2012), 2 silver medals – Team (2014, 2016), silver – Individual (2014), gold – Trio (2014), gold – Group (2014);
  • World Games: gold – Individual (2013), silver – Trio and Group (2013).

In the team final, Romania won silver for the second time in a row (World Champions in 2012 and silver medalists in 2014). The Romanians competed in 6 of the 7 events and 5 of those performances counted for the overall result: Corina Constantin (Individual Women), Lavinia Panaete and Dacian Barna (Mixed Pairs), Lavinia Panaete, Lucian Săvulescu and Dacian Barna (Trio), Gabriel Bocșer, Bianca Gorgovan, Lavinia Panaete, Lucian Săvulescu and Dacian Barna (Group) and Andreea Bogati, Anca Surdu, Mădălina Cioveie, Alexandra Oprea, Andreea Darie, Laura Cristache, Denisa Ganea and Bianca Becze (Aerobic Dance). Many of these gymnasts have already won more than one world title (Anca Surdu, Andreea Bogati, Laura Cristache or Bianca Becze returned to competition for this event) while others made their World debut here (Lavinia Panaete, Lucian Săvulescu or Andreea Darie).

The Romanian Group won Romania´s third medal at this championship, a bronze. Bianca Gorgovan, 2014 Group World Champion, teamed up with Lavinia Panaete, Lucian Săvulescu, Dacian Barna and Gabriel Bocșer. Together, they had already won the European bronze medal last year, in Portugal. This is a very young team which, coupled with already established gymnasts and the Juniors who also made a name for themselves at last year´s Euros, will secure the future of Romanian Aerobic gymnastics. Nothing can be taken for granted, as we´ve very well learned with Artistic gymnastics…

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