Rio Test Event. Romania’s MAG team out of the Olympics

Medals of the 2012 London Olympic Games

Medals of the 2012 London Olympic Games

The men’s competition at the Rio Test Event is now over after three subdivisions which saw the 8 teams taking part – Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Ukraine – give it their all for a chance to compete at the Olympic Games. It was a very good competition for the majority of these teams, some of them fighting very closely for those 4 spots that would ensure the tickets for Rio. Germany (without Fabian Hambuchen) and Ukraine (with one of the worlds top All-arounders, Oleg Verniaiev) were, by far, the best teams today, both scoring 350 points, at least 3 points ahead of the rest of the pack. France, the Netherlands and Romania fought for the last two spots available. The first two competed in the second subdivision (find the details of this subdivision HERE) while the Netherlands closed the competition in subdivision 3.

Romania competed very well today, looking like a motivated team and pulling together clean routines. Unfortunately for them, this was valid for almost all the teams present here. It was a truly exciting competition we all would have wanted to watch live (it wasn’t streamed anywhere in the world for unknown reasons). The team competed with France for the second place in the second subdivision but they lost the battle in the very final rotation, on High Bar. Romania was second on Vault, fourth on Floor and Parallel Bars, fifth on Rings, sixth on Pommel Horse and seventh on High Bar. Two points and a half separated the team from France and from the much desired ticket to Rio. Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands and France will, thus, join the already qualified teams of Japan, Great Britain, China, Russia, United States, Switzerland, South Korea and Brazil this summer at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Romania’s MAG team ends this tournament in fifth place and will be able to send 2 male gymnasts to the Games: Marian Drăgulescu, who had already qualified last year and another gymnast selected by the federation.

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