Zamfir and Mavrodineanu return at the Romanian Nationals

The last training stage for the upcoming Arques European Championship took place this weekend in Constanța where one of the local clubs, Farul, organized the Romanian National Championship and Farul Cup. This same club dominated the competition winning the clubs’ title over Unefs Bucharest and CSN Cetate Deva. Both senior and junior national teams were present at the meet, including a few surprises: World champions Mircea Zamfir and Valentin Mavrodineanu made their return in the team, obviously preparing for November’s continental competition under the reigns of former team mate, Mircea Brînzea, now team coach. Unfortunately, we’ll need to wait till then to see them compete but you can watch videos of the best trios and groups in the country, below.


Individual Women: Bianca Becze (Farul Constanța)

Individual Men: Mircea Zamfir (Farul Constanța)

Mixed Pairs: Bianca Becze, Marius Petruse

Trio: Anca Surdu, Andreea Bogati, Corina Constantin (Farul Constanța)

Group: Anca Surdu, Andreea Bogati, Corina Constantin, Bianca Becze, Diana Deac

Category I

Individual Women: Alina Radu (Triumf Bucharest)

Individual Men: Lucian Săvulescu (Farul Constanța)

Mixed Pairs: Bianca Gorgovan / Lucian Săvulescu (Farul Constanța)

Trio: Alina Uța, Carmen Dobre, Viorica Dima (Farul Constanța)

Group: Lavinia Panaete, Andreea Drenea, Daciana Enache, Bianca Gorgovan, Andreea Scînteie


Category II

Individual Women: Teodora Cucu (Unefs Bucharest)

Individual Men: Ștefan Huștea (Farul Constanța)

Mixed Pairs: Ioana Gorgovan, Dragoș Darie (CSS1 Constanța)

Trio: Teodora Cucu, Patricia Misăilă, Isabela Dumitrescu (Unefs Bucharest)

Group: Ana Gaucan, Mădălina  Iacob, Patricia Misăila,  Isabela Dumitrescu,  Teodora Cucu (Unefs Bucharest)

Category III

Mixed Pairs: Daniel Tavoc / Nicoleta Patrichi (CSS Petroșani)

Trio: Ioana Chelu, Ruxandra Grigoriu, Diana Maria (Unefs Bucharest)

Group: Ioana Chelu, Ruxandra Grigoriu, Diana Maria, Bogdan Cucu, Ioana Chelu (Unefs Bucharest)

Find more images from the second day of the competition here.

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