Cali World Games: Aerobic gymnasts bring home 2 gold and 3 silver medals

For Aerobic gymnastics, the World Games are the equivalent of the Olympics: one shot every four years to take home the title. For Romanian Aerobic gymnastics, the Cali competition was the most important event of the year with previous results putting even more pressure onto a new generation of gymnasts taking over this year. Although the Romanian coaches were very cautious in their statements at the beginning of this year, their gymnasts have risen to the occasion with every competition. Moreover, the internal competition is getting heated as there are many top level gymnasts inside the team at this time (and the World Games rules only allowed one participant per category per country with only four making the final).

Corina Constantin. Photo:  Volker Minkus

It seems the 2013 Romanian team will be dominated by the girls: at the beginning of this year, they competed successfully in Individual, Trio and Group competitions, winning the World Cup (find more details here). This was also extended to the Cali World Games where the all girl Group and Trio medaled. Romania brought home a total of 5 medals from the 6 categories it competed in (we were not represented in the Step category), with the gymnasts managing to improve their qualification results in the finals.

Although Cristian Iordan could not make the individual men’s final four, Corina Constantin fully made up for it by bringing home the gold medal in the women’s competition. She defeated World champion Sara Moreno in the process, a success Corina had been looking for all year after winning the World Cup this spring. Bianca Becze and Marius Petrușe won Romania’s second gold medal in the Mixed Pairs event. They had surprisingly won the spot to represent Romania over Andreea Bogati (World Champion on the event) and Cristian Iordan but proved this was a great decision after they shared the podium with three other pairs – a total of 4 gold medals was awarded in this category. Here is their gold medal routine:

The Romanian Trio (Anca Surdu, Corina Constantin and Andreea Bogati) and the Group (Bianca Becze, Anca Surdu, Diana Deac, Corina Constantin, Andreea Bogati) added two more silver medals to the collection, losing out to China in both finals. Romania’s fifth medal came in Aero Dance – a category included for the first time at the Games – although the team formed by Bianca Becze, Anca Surdu, Diana Deac, Andreea Bogati, Marius Petrușe, Dacian Barna, Cristian Iordan and Marius Gavriloaie had placed first in qualification. The Romanians had also won silver in this event at last year’s Sofia World Championships, also behind the Chinese team. Here is their silver medal routine at these Games:

The next important competition for Aerobic gymnastics will be the European Championship held later this year in France. Hopefully, the Romanian gymnasts will repeat the World Games success.

You can find the complete results of this competition here.

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