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The road to Rio: comebacks, medals and the first names for the test event

Diana Bulimar

The first names for the Rio test event, where the last tickets for the Olympic Games will be at stake, were announced last week. Cătălina Ponor, Diana Bulimar, Laura Jurca, Anamaria Ocolișan, Dora Vulcan, Silvia Zarzu and Anda Butuc were nominated for the WAG team (with Larisa Iordache injured and out for the event). Romania …

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Remember: 1987 Moscow European Championships

Daniela Silivaș

For the third chapter of our Remember Series we are going back to that wonderful decade of the 1980s when Artistic gymnastics could truly be called that…Artistic! Routines back then included some of the difficult skills still performed today with choreography and artistry still at the forefront of most routines. It was gymnastics at its …

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Octavian Bellu: In my opinion, the Europeans were a success

Octavian Bellu @ Confesiuni

Octavian Bellu was the guest of the Romanian TV show “Confesiuni” (Confessions) for a 40 minute interview including appearances by Monica Roșu, Silvia Stroescu and Corina Ungureanu. Obviously, Mariana Bitang also had a thing or two to say from the Izvorani gym. The coach discussed his life and career and the current status of Romanian …

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Octavian Bellu: I’ve lived for gymnastics.

Octavian Bellu @ Profesioniștii

Right before leaving for the Moscow European Championships, Octavian Bellu was invited by Eugenia Vodă to a full hour interview for the Romanian Television show ”Profesioniștii” (The Professionals). Eugenia Vodă: How would you welcome someone in sport, Mr. Octavian Bellu? Octavian Bellu: A gymnast presents herself to the judges. How does she do that? By adopting …

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Remember: 2001 Ghent World Championships

Andreea Raducan

How about taking a walk down memory lane and remembering some of those amazing championships where the Romanian gymnasts shined? Luckily, there is a large number of those, so we’ll start a whole new series of articles on this topic… First in line, my favorite World Championship ever: the 2001 Ghent edition! Here are some …

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6 medals for Romania at the Doha World Cup

Diana Bulimar

The 2013 edition of the Doha World Cup presented itself as the last important meet for the Romanian WAG and MAG teams before the European Championships next month. Most of the gymnasts on the provisional list for Moscow were present here: Larisa Iordache, whom we got to see for the first time this season, Diana …

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Romanian gymnastics team attends Christmas show


The entire Romanian Women´s gymnastics team – Larisa Iordache, Sandra Izbasa, Catalina Ponor, Diana Bulimar and Dana Andrei – together with their coaches Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu attended a special edition Christmas show dedicated entirely to gymnastics. They received gifts and discussed how they are relaxing after the Olympics.Take a look here! … … …

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Octavian Bellu: For us, medals are circumstantial. The work of exceptional kids, not of a well organized system.

Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu / 2012 Euros

Octavian Bellu granted an interview to the Romanian press agency Agerpres in which he discusses the future of Romanian women´s gymnastics and sport in general. Bellu ended yet another Olympic cycle, London 2012, by bringing in top level results, something he is usually known for: 3 medals, one of each color. But the next Olympic …

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Octavian Bellu on the future of the gymnastics team and his responsibilities as National Sports Council coordinator.

Octavian Bellu

After the London Olympics Games, Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang stated they would stay with the team but that, for them to continue, some requirements had to be met, starting with the training facilities. Photo: Bogdan Iordache / Mediafax A reorganization is needed following the Olympic Games. “For us to keep training this team and …

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Octavian Bellu: I remind myself every day I am the same school teacher I was when I first started.

Octavian Bellu, Bucharest meet 2012

Mr. Bellu, the gymnasts you’ve trained have won around 308 medals. Is this the correct medal count? “I have never counted them.” His full name is Octavian Ioan Atanase Bellu and he was born on the 17th of February 1951 in Ploiesti. The World Records Academy has declared him the world´s most successful coach: more …

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