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The road to Rio: comebacks, medals and the first names for the test event

Diana Bulimar

The first names for the Rio test event, where the last tickets for the Olympic Games will be at stake, were announced last week. Cătălina Ponor, Diana Bulimar, Laura Jurca, Anamaria Ocolișan, Dora Vulcan, Silvia Zarzu and Anda Butuc were nominated for the WAG team (with Larisa Iordache injured and out for the event). Romania …

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Octavian Bellu: In my opinion, the Europeans were a success

Octavian Bellu @ Confesiuni

Octavian Bellu was the guest of the Romanian TV show “Confesiuni” (Confessions) for a 40 minute interview including appearances by Monica Roșu, Silvia Stroescu and Corina Ungureanu. Obviously, Mariana Bitang also had a thing or two to say from the Izvorani gym. The coach discussed his life and career and the current status of Romanian …

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Octavian Bellu: I’ve lived for gymnastics.

Octavian Bellu @ Profesioniștii

Right before leaving for the Moscow European Championships, Octavian Bellu was invited by Eugenia Vodă to a full hour interview for the Romanian Television show ”Profesioniștii” (The Professionals). Eugenia Vodă: How would you welcome someone in sport, Mr. Octavian Bellu? Octavian Bellu: A gymnast presents herself to the judges. How does she do that? By adopting …

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Romanian gymnastics team attends Christmas show


The entire Romanian Women´s gymnastics team – Larisa Iordache, Sandra Izbasa, Catalina Ponor, Diana Bulimar and Dana Andrei – together with their coaches Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu attended a special edition Christmas show dedicated entirely to gymnastics. They received gifts and discussed how they are relaxing after the Olympics.Take a look here! … … …

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Mariana Bitang: Your passion for a certain profession is like a virus you cannot get rid of.

Mariana Bitang

The National team members have been back at Izvorani for the past two weeks. Larisa Iordache, Diana Bulimar, Raluca Haidu, Diana Chelaru, Dana Andrei, Amelia Racea and Sandra Izbaşa are now training for the upcoming autumn season. Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu are also back in the gym, although they have not signed a new …

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Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu interview

Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu, 2012 Euros

Octavian Bellu: “Our hope is to medal in London. How many medals, what color or if we will win any, we´ll have to wait and see. But the team has proven it is capable to fight for medals. If the girls do their job well, then results will come.” On the amazing performance at the …

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Dana Andrei: I want to make the team with all my heart.

Fabrica de Medalii, Dana Andrei

Here is the March 17 episode of The Medal Factory featuring interviews with Diana Chelaru, Diana Bulimar, Amelia Racea, Raluca Haidu, Catalina Ponor, Mariana Bitang, Dragos Barzu, Gabi Dragoi, Dana Andrei and Larisa Iordache. Andreea Raducan: Diana, you´ve just come back from the American Cup but you are down with the flu now. Are you …

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Catalina Ponor: When you feel you cannot do it anymore, you have to push yourself even harder!

Catalina Ponor and Andreea Raduca, The Medal Factory

For this episode of The Medal Factory, Andreea Raducan interviews Catalina Ponor, Larisa Iordache, Raluca Haidu, Georgeta Manolache and Mariana Bitang. Andreea Raducan: How are the girls doing in Geography? Georgeta Manolache: They are doing pretty well. What we try to do is teach them general things as they belong to different years and what …

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The first episode’s of Andreea Raducan’s ‘The Medal Factory’

Andreea Raducan and Sandra Izbasa, The Medal  Factory

Gymnastics goes face to face with Andreea Raducan ‘The Medal Factory’ What gymnastics means, the feelings of a gymnast who is far away from his family, the simple desires of a child who has chosen to dedicate his life to professional sport….well, in “ The Medal Factory” we will tell many stories, full of sensibility …

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