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Romania in 5th at L’International Gymnix

Denisa Golgota

Alisia Botnaru (15), Denisa Golgota (14), Ioana Crișan (15) and Olivia Cîmpian (15) are part of the Romanian Junior National team training in Deva under former National team coach Nicolae Forminte. The four were selected to represent Romania in the junior competition at L’International Gymnix in Montreal, Canada. The event was dominated by the United …

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Liliana Cosma: We’ll do our best to find talent for 2024

Liliana Cosma

                Liliana Cosma offered a very interesting interview to Romania’s news agency Agerpres, talking about her career as a gymnast and as a coach, her hopes for the Deva Olympic Center, where she is the head coach and the newly unveiled national selection program. Find a translation of this interview here. Photo: Agerpres                 With …

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2014 Gymnix: Bronze on beam for Ștefania Orzu

Stefania Orzu and Lili Cosma

Photo: Daniela Zaria           After Andreea Munteanu won three medals at Gymnix International´s 2013 edition, another team of juniors from the Deva Olympic Center tried to repeat her success this year. This time, coaches Liliana Cosma (photo) and Florin Cotuțiu chose Ștefania Orzu (photo), Dora Vulcan, Maria Holbură and Adela Florea, gymnasts who will turn senior in …

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Three medals for the Romanian juniors at the 2014 Nadia Comăneci Invitational

Alexandra Mihai, Ioana Crișan, Olivia Cîmpia and Nadia

     We’ve grown accustomed by now to see Romanian Juniors attend the annual International session of the Nadia Comăneci Invitational, held in Oklahoma’s Cox Arena in February. 2014 was no exception, with a team of Juniors from the Deva Olympic center attending the event, together with coaches Liliana Cosma and Florin Cotuțiu. Olivia Cîmpian, Alexandra …

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