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Romanian Juniors at the Chemnitz USA – GER – ROU meet

Paula Tudorache, Diana Teodoru, Andreea Iridon, Andreea Munteanu

Andreea Munteanu, Andreea Iridon, Paula Tudorache and Diana Teodoru (accompanied by coach Lăcrămioara Moldovan) competed yesterday in Chemnitz, Germany, for the USA – GER – ROU Senior and Junior meet. Unfortunately, Romania could not send in a complete team – having only 4 juniors performing there and no seniors. They placed third, nonetheless, with Andreea Iridon’s much …

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2012 Romanian Gymnastics Gala

Larisa Iordache, 2012 Olympics

When 2011 was over, we were so looking forward to what 2012 would bring. And it was quite a surprising year! We had the chance to watch Romania win again a European team title, an Olympic gold medal and lots of other medals. We sang the anthem with our boys and girls and now it´s time, …

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2012 Brussels European Championships photos

Diana Bulimar and Mariana Bitang - 2012 Euros

Photos from the 2012 Brussels Junior and Senior European Championships. Copyright: Carmen Manda