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Sandra Izbașa and Andreea Răducan take the floor in Mexico

Sandra & Andreea

Sandra and Andreea in Mexico.    Check out Andreea´s official Facebook page here.  Look who’s back on the floor!!! No, it’s not really surprising to see Sandra perform her 2013 “Feeling Good” floor routine or even go up on that beam one more time at Mexico’s “Galas de las estrellas de la gimnasia” alongside Ksenia Afanasyeva …

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Remember: 2001 Ghent World Championships

Andreea Raducan

How about taking a walk down memory lane and remembering some of those amazing championships where the Romanian gymnasts shined? Luckily, there is a large number of those, so we’ll start a whole new series of articles on this topic… First in line, my favorite World Championship ever: the 2001 Ghent edition! Here are some …

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[Video] Andreea Răducan: I would never exchange my experience in gymnastics for an average life I could have lived.

Andreea Răducan

Cătălin Ștefănescu with Andreea Răducan           Right at the beginning of 2013, Andreea was invited by one of Romania’s best TV shows – TVR’s Garantat 100% – for a whole hour interview. This is probably her most complete insight into her life as a gymnast from her hometown of Bârlad, to Onești as a Junior …

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[Exclusive interview] Andreea Răducan: We had neither grips, nor the best infrastructure, yet our passion for this sport and the desire to become champions were great.

Andreea Raducan

Andreea Răducan would really need no introduction. She is an Olympic, World and European champion,  journalist, writer and one of the managers of the Romanian Olympic Foundation. Although she retired from elite gymnastics more than 10 years ago, she is still very much connected to this world and is making a great difference for Romanian gymnastics …

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Andreea Raducan: People keep asking me why I don’t go into coaching.

Andreea Raducan Prosport

Foto: Prosport   What brings you to Sibiu and why did you stop by the gym where many Olympic and World champions started their careers? I’m happy to be here. I could not miss it since many gymnasts started here. I can think of many names…Mihaela Stănuleţ, Claudia Presecan, Steliana Nistor, Sabina Cojocar are famous …

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Dana Andrei: I want to make the team with all my heart.

Fabrica de Medalii, Dana Andrei

Here is the March 17 episode of The Medal Factory featuring interviews with Diana Chelaru, Diana Bulimar, Amelia Racea, Raluca Haidu, Catalina Ponor, Mariana Bitang, Dragos Barzu, Gabi Dragoi, Dana Andrei and Larisa Iordache. Andreea Raducan: Diana, you´ve just come back from the American Cup but you are down with the flu now. Are you …

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Catalina Ponor: When you feel you cannot do it anymore, you have to push yourself even harder!

Catalina Ponor and Andreea Raduca, The Medal Factory

For this episode of The Medal Factory, Andreea Raducan interviews Catalina Ponor, Larisa Iordache, Raluca Haidu, Georgeta Manolache and Mariana Bitang. Andreea Raducan: How are the girls doing in Geography? Georgeta Manolache: They are doing pretty well. What we try to do is teach them general things as they belong to different years and what …

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Catalina Ponor: I decided to come back after watching the World Championships

Catalina Ponor and Andreea Raducan, The Medal Factory

Three time Olympics champion, Catalina Ponor was interviewed by another Olympic champion, Andreea Răducan for one of the episodes of her gymnastics TV show, The Medal Factory (Digisport). Here is the full interview.   Andreea Raducan: We are standing next to the apparatus that usually makes the difference in competition: beam. Romania has always had …

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Sandra Izbasa: I can win a lot of bronze and silvers, but I need gold.

Andreea Raducan and Sandra Izbasa, The Medal Factory

From one Olympic champion to another: Andreea Răducan interviews Sandra Izbasa at the Izvorani gym for her show The Medal Factory. Here is what Sandra told Andreea. Andreea Raducan: I have with me Sandra Izbasa, one of the experienced gymnasts of the team. There are high expectations from her although she has been through a …

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The first episode’s of Andreea Raducan’s ‘The Medal Factory’

Andreea Raducan and Sandra Izbasa, The Medal  Factory

Gymnastics goes face to face with Andreea Raducan ‘The Medal Factory’ What gymnastics means, the feelings of a gymnast who is far away from his family, the simple desires of a child who has chosen to dedicate his life to professional sport….well, in “ The Medal Factory” we will tell many stories, full of sensibility …

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