Silver for Ana Luiza Filiorianu at the Gracia Fair Cup

Luiza Filiorianu @ 2015 Bucharest World Cup

           Ana Luiza Filiorianu kicked off the 2016 season with a silver medal in the All-around at the Gracia Fair Cup in Budapest. The Bucharest native, who trains at the Olimpia Club with Maria Gîrbă, gathered a total of 68 points and two scores of over 17 to place one point and a half behind the winner, Maria Pavlova from Russia.

Clubs: 16.600

Ribbon: 17.200

Hoop: 17.250

Ball: 16.950

           Five Romanian gymnasts competed in the Junior All-around, an event dominated by the Belarussian, Israeli and Russian gymnasts. Denisa Mailat (Olimpia Bucharest) placed highest among them, in eighth, with a total of 57 points. Sonia Ichim (CSM Arad), Alice David (Olimpia Bucharest), Livia Harcan (CSM Ploiești) and Denisa Stoian (CSM Ploiești) were the other juniors who represented Romania here.

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