Baku 2015: Romania in the first day of team finals

The first European Games ever. The first gymnastics day in Baku.

Almost 7 hours of mixed competition (men and women competed at the same time) with both the team medals and the qualifications to the individual finals at stake. A new competition format, better known by the Rhythmic or Aerobic gymnasts, is on trial here. Although it is true that all gymnasts get to participate in the team final, the emotions that come from a very tight competition between those teams that are chasing the medals is lost to the number of subdivisions, the split of the competition over two days and the amount of results that need to be followed at the same time. The gymnasts have lost their chance to “do better in the team final” after they make a mistake in qualification and only one gymnast per country can move into an individual final. With this format, those moments when two teams are battling out for gold and you can follow the gymnasts´ emotions as they watch each other perform seems completely gone. Maybe gymnastics is also feeling the pressure from the Olympic Committee, which is trying to introduce new sports into the Olympic Games by restraining the number of competitions and athletes a sport can take to the Games. The Artistic gymnastics lovers can´t be very happy with this…

These Games have been considered, by many of the national federations, as a chance for new talent to get their share of competition time while others decided to send the best possible team for a chance to win a medal. What can you say about the Russian team… Mustafina, Komova and Tutkhalian / Belyavskiy, Kuksenkov and Ignatyev. The Romanian coaches could not consider Larisa Iordache, Diana Bulimar or Andrei Muntean for these Games as all are recovering after injury. Laura Jurca, Andreea Iridon, Silvia Zarzu, Cristian Bățagă, Vlad Cotuna and the recent European silver medalist, Marius Berbecar, are representing Romania here. The men´s team performed well on floor, pommel horse and rings today, wrapping up the first part of the team final in the ninth place but the women could not keep up with the competition after counting two falls on uneven bars. Andreea Iridon finally got her head around that bar routine and performed cleanly to make the apparatus final, the best moment of the day for the Romanians.

You can find some of the Romanian routines from today’s competition on our Facebook page.

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