Gold for Romania’s Mixed Pair and Group at Worlds

                  The last day of the 2014 Aerobic World Championship ended successfully for the Romanian team, which brings home two more gold medals, adding to the three medals they won yesterday (team silver, individual silver through Corina Constantin and gold from the trio). Romanian Aerobic gymnastics has given us many reasons to celebrate in the past, with gymnasts coming back with medals from every single competition they attended. At the end of these Championships, Romania holds both the European and World titles in the Mixed Pairs, Trio and Group events, the European team title and the World Games Individual and Mixed Pairs titles. Today, the Romanian gymnats showed they are amongst the best in the world by winning two of the four finals of the day, after they had qualified in first place for both.

                  Mircea Zamfir opened the individual men’s final today and scored higher than in qualification. He did not manage to make the podium though, coming as close a fourth. Home country Mexico takes the title through Ivan Veloz.

                  Romania was hoping for a medal in the next final, that of the Mixed Pairs, where newcomers Alina Radu and Dacian Barna would compete alongside the more experienced Bianca Becze and Marius Petruse, who had dominated the event in qualification. Bianca and Marius impressed yet again with their execution and took home the only title they missed in this event. In the past year, this pair has won the World Games, the European Championships, the World Cup and now, the World Championships.

                  The Romanian all girl group (Anca Surdu, Andreea Bogati, Corina Constantin, Bianca Gorgovan and Bianca Becze) was credited with a big chance of winning this final, as had happened in qualification, where they had finished first. It’s somehow unusual for an all girl group to be able to match performances by mixed or all male groups, but the girls had already made a statement when they won the trio event the previous day. The group moved ahead of the mixed French group and the all male Chinese group to clinch this title as well.

                  At the end of the championships, Romania loses the team title but takes home three of the eight titles available here (Austria, France, Russia, China and Mexico are the other gold medalists here). Corina Constantin is the most successful gymnast of the Romanian delegation, winning 4 medals (2 gold and 2 silver). 

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