The Romanian trio wins the World title

                 The second part of the longest day at the Aerobic World Championships brought two more medals for the Romanian team. With the qualification and team final now over – team Romania won silver – the competition continued with three event finals, all of them with Romanians lined up at the start. Two of these finals would turn out to be very emotional for Romanian fans, as the Romanian gymnasts were not also favorites to win a medal, but also favorites to win the title.

                 Corina Constantin was among the first to go in the individual final, performing much better than in qualification and receiving a very high score (22.000). Corina raised the bar from the very start of this final, having declared before the championship that her main goal was to win this title, the only one missing for her in this event. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be this time around either, Lubov Gazov (Austria) disrupting her plans with an excellent performance and taking home the individual title. Corina won the silver medal and the podium was completed by Aurelie Joly (France).

                 With two silver medals already in the bag, Corina now moved on to her last event of the day, where she would compete alongside team mates Andreea Bogati and Anca Surdu. The trio had wrapped up qualifications in third place, behind China and France, but their performance in this final brought them the gold medal and the World title. The three were followed by the all male trios from China, the 2012 World Champion, and Korea. Corina, Andreea and Anca are, as of now, the current European and World champions in this event.

                 The Aerobic Dance final closed the second day of competition and the Romanian team made up of Alina Radu, Andreea Bogati, Anca Surdu, Bianca Gorgovan, Mircea Zamfir, Dacian Barna, Marius Petruse and Marius Gavriloaie maintained the fourth place from qualification.

                 The last day at the 2014 Worlds will hold four more finals, with Romanians competing in three of them: Mircea Zamfir in the Individual final, Bianca Becze and Marius Petruse together with Alina Radu and Dacian Barna in the Mixed Pairs final and the Group final. We will surely see top level routines and some more medals to go along with them.

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