Video: Romania in the first day of qualification at the Aerobic Worlds

           The Aerobic Gymnastics World Championship is now on in Cancun, Mexico, where the first day of qualification saw the Romanian team – current World and European champion – kick start their effort to defend their title. The Romanians came into this championship as favorites after having won the 2014 World Cup in three events: Individual Women (Corina Constantin), Mixed Pairs (Bianca Becze and Marius Petruse) and Trio (Corina Constantin, Anca Surdu and Andreea Bogati). Qualifications are held during the first two days of the championship with the scores obtained here counting both for event finals qualifications and the team event.

Individual Women

           The women opened the championship, with Corina Constantin and Bianca Becze representing Romania. Corina is one of the favorites for this event, the individual title being her main goal at this competition. She won the European title back in 2011, the World Games title in 2013 and the World Cup both in 2013 and 2014. The World title is the only one missing for her. Corina’s routine was the most difficult in qualifications (3.500 difficulty level) and she moves into the final from third place. Unfortunately, Bianca Becze did not make it into Sunday’s final, placing 11th this time. The competition continues for her, though, with Mixed Pairs and Group.


           Romania usually sends two representatives for each event and Trio was no exception. Corina Constantin, Anca Surdu and Andreea Bogati make up the most successful Romanian trio of the past two years, having won the 2013 Europeans and the 2013 and 2014 World Cup. It’s not easy for an all girl trio to compete against all male or mixed trios, but the Romanians have shown they can put up a serious fight and even dominate this event. The three move into the final from third place. The second Romanian trio (Marius Petruse, Marius Gavriloaie, Dacian Barna) did not have a very good day in qualifications, placing 17th.

Aerobic Dance

           The first day of competition closed with Aerobic Dance, still a very recent event in the history of this sport. Eight of the ten members of a national team have to come together for such an event. Romania selected Anca Surdu, Mircea Zamfir, Andreea Bogati, Marius Petruse, Bianca Gorgovan, Dacian Barna, Alina Radu and Marius Gavriloaie, who made it to the finals from fourth place.

           The championships continues today with four more events, which will also help establish the final team podium. Mircea Zamfir will be the first to compete in the individual qualification, Alina Radu and Dacian Barna will compete in the Mixed Pairs event alongside European champions Bianca Becze and Marius Petruse with the all girl Group (Surdu, Becze, Bogati, Gorgovan, Constantin) closing qualifications for Romania.

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