Romania wins the last official test before the European Championships

               In less than a month, the Romanian junior and senior teams will head to Bulgaria for the European Championships, where they will fight for the most coveted European medals, those of the team competition, awarded once every two years. In preparation for this Championship, the Romanian coaches sent two complete teams to face off the French and Belgian teams in a friendly meet in Avoine, France. Juniors Andreea Iridon, Andreea Ciurușniuc, Anda Butuc, Asiana Peng, Laura Jurca and Andra Stoica and seniors Larisa Iordache, Diana Bulimar, Andreea Munteanu, Silvia Zarzu, Ștefania Stănilă and Diana Teodoru were selected for this event, which was held in a single day (no apparatus finals were held).

Photos: Benoit Bonatre

               As expected, the Romanians dominated both competitions, winning both team and individual events (Larisa Iordache and Andreea Iridon won the All-around in their respective category). Here‘s a selection of the most interesting routines from this event.

Larisa Iordache is now the leader of the Romanian team and the gymnast who usually faces highest expectations from both specialists and fans. The only Romanian in the current team to have won a medal in all three major events (Europeans, Worlds and Olympic Games), she completely dominated the senior competition with top scores on all four apparatus.

Diana Bulimar looks better and better on floor, her favorite apparatus. She is coming back from a knee injury which has held her out of training and last year’s Worlds, where she had a good chance to medal on this event.

Andreea Munteanu has all it takes to become, in her first senior year, one of the candidates for both European and World medals on beam. With this kind of performances, she will quickly become one of the core members of the Romanian senior team.

Silvia Zarzu is known as a specialist on floor ever since she won the silver medal on this apparatus at the 2012 Junior Europeans.

Andreea Iridon (15) is considered one of Romania’s greatest hopes for the years to come. An extremely flexible gymnast, she can help the team on beam and floor, but especially on uneven bars.

Andreea’s team mate ever since they started training together in Deva, Laura Jurca (15) also brings hope for an improvement on bars, where she already performs three interesting skills (including two releases, Hindorff and Ginger). She is also an All-arounder who has proven she is very strong both physically and mentally by placing on the podiums of most international junior events she competed in.

Asiana Peng (14) is also one of the most elegant gymnasts in the Romanian team. Together with Andreea Munteanu and Andreea Iridon, they are bringing back an older, more elegant style to Romanian gymnastics. She also has good potential on bars.

What can we say about Andra Stoica (14) except that her floor is one of the most followed Romanian routine in the junior ranks? She received the highest score on this apparatus in the junior meet.

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