Bronze medal for Ana Luiza Filiorianu in Pesaro

              Ana Luiza Filiorianu is not only claiming the title of top Romanian junior at this moment, she is also claiming a spot amongst the best junior gymnasts in the world. She has proved it this year by medaling in two international tournaments (Miss Valentine and MTK) and qualifying for the European Youth Olympic Festival at the Moscow Grand Prix. This weekend, Luiza took one more important step towards confirming this position when she competed against the best juniors in the world at the “Citta di Pesaro” International Tournament, the junior version of the Pesaro World Cup. She was joined there by Alice David, who is also coached by Maria Gîrbă at Olimpia Bucharest. Together, they competed in the team event, placing 16th.

              Luiza went on to qualify in three of the four event finals (ball, ribbon and hoop). If there’s one quality Luiza has made full use of, during this very important season for junior gymnasts (Europeans and EYOF are just around the corner), it is consistency. Being able to perform the routines you’ve been preparing for so long just as you do in training has to pay off eventually and this is how Luiza is slowly becoming a regular in world level finals. We can only hope she keeps improving, as we are very much looking forward to following a team made up of Alexandra Piscupescu and Ana Luiza Filiorianu at senior level.

Here is Luiza’s bronze medal hoop routine from event finals:

She didn’t make the podium with ball this time, but this routine is always the highlight of her meet for me:

              There was just one more Romanian in this competition. Although she competes for Italy, Andreea Ștefănescu was born and started gymnastics in Iași. She is a World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist with the Italian team, which impressed with this new routine and won gold here:

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