Larisa Iordache wins the Glasgow World Cup

Elisabeth Price, Larisa Iordache and Vanessa Ferrari

The second stage of the World Cup and the last elite competition of the year was held today in Glasgow with two Romanians taking the stage there – Larisa Iordache and Roxana Popa (who competes for Spain) – alongside USA’s Elisabeth Price (winner of the first stage), Italy’s Vanessa Ferrari and Carlota Ferlito, Great Britain’s Ruby Harrold and Raer Thaeker and Japan’s Asuka Teramoto. Larisa, who had placed right behind Price in Stuttgart, was looking to close the gap here and perform steadily on all four events (a mistake on uneven bars cost her the gold in Stuttgart).

She now decided to throw her full difficulty on beam, including two full twisting skills, which led her to win the event despite a fall on the layout. She also came first on two other events (vault and floor) and second on bars, leading her to place first overall and win the second stage of the World Cup ahead of Elisabeth Price and Vanessa Ferrari.

Here are Larisa’s routines from this competition:

Vault – 14.766

Uneven Bars – 14.400

Balance Beam – 14.100

Floor – 14.666

Roxana Popa finished fifth in the overall standings with very good performances on floor and uneven bars. Although she competes for Spain, it’s great to see there is a good relationship between the two Romanians, with Larisa constantly encouraging her during the routines. Here’s Roxana on bars:

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