Romania, the new Aerobic European Champion

Mircea Zamfir, Corina Constantin, Andreea Bogati, Bianca Becze, Anca Surdu, Diana Deac, Marius Petruse

After a great start of the continental competition with a Junior team silver yesterday, the seniors took the stage today in what would turn out to be yet another Romania – Russia showdown. If Russia had sealed the Junior gold medal earlier in yesterday’s competition, neither senior team was willing to give up the fight today leaving it to the very last routine, that of the Russian group, to decide who was going to be the European champion. This is how it all happened…

The competition started with the Individual Women and Trio events going on in parallel. Romania had two participants in every event (except Group) and only one can count for the final standings (it is up to the coaches to choose who it will be before the competition begins). For the trio, the coaches selected the girls’ (Corina Constantin, Anca Surdu and Andreea Bogati) score to be the one which counted and they weren’t disappointed as they went on to place first. The men’s trio (Marius Gavriloaie, Marius Petrușe and Cristian Iordan) also made it to tomorrow’s final from fifth place. In the women’s competition, Bianca Becze and Corina Constantin placed 5th and 3rd, respectively, with the latter’s score being considered for the overall standings. Watch Corina’s performance here:

In the second part of the competition it was time for the Individual Men and the Mixed Pairs to take the stage. World and European champion, Mircea Zamfir decided to come back this year and compete only in the individual event and you can really understand why he has been so successful throughout his career by watching him perform live. What really caught my attention is the confidence with which he steps onto the podium, enjoying every minute of that routine and conveying that same feeling to his audience… Mircea placed second today and his score counted for Romania, with Cristian Iordan also making the final from the 8th place. In the Mixed Pairs event, we had high hopes from both Romanian pairs: World Champions Andreea Bogati and Valentin Mavrodineanu were back together for this championship (Valentin had also taken a long break this year, much as Zamfir had) and Bianca Becze and Marius Petrușe had been very successful at various competitions this year, such as the World Games where they won the gold medal. It was the latter’s second place that counted in the final standings with Bogati and Mavrodineanu also making it to the final from 6th place.

But it was not until the final event, that of the Groups, that the fate of the gold medal was decided. If Romania’s girl group (Corina Constantin, Anca Surdu, Diana Deac, Bianca Becze and Andreea Bogati) got to perform at the beginning of the event, the Russian group was the very last in the competition so nerves were tight by then. Whoever came in front of the other would also win the championship. The Romanian group was second before the Russian group took the stage and they received a 21.072 for fourth place. Here is the final team podium with Romania winning the European championship, followed by Russia and Italy.

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