Silver for Romania at the Aerobic Euros

The Junior qualifications started off the first day of competition for the Romanian team at the Aerobic European Championship in Arques (France). This is also a team competition with one score from each of the five different events (Individual Women and Men, Mixed Pairs, Trio and Group) counting for the overall team standings. The Romanians proved, yet again, that they are among Europe’s elite by winning the team silver medal (Russia is the new European champion). All eight gymnasts who competed for Romania today made the finals.

Andreea Drenea, Bianca Gorgovan, Lavinia Panaete, Lucian Săvulescu, Alina Radu and Andreea Scînteie

Russia and Romania battled it out for the top four places of the Individual Women´s event with Alina Radu and Lavinia Panaete placing second and fourth, respectively. Both gymnasts hope to improve on this in the Sunday finals and will try to change the silver medal they won today for a shinier one. The girls continued the qualification competition by making the third place in the trio event, where they were joined by Bianca Gorgovan. Romania´s second trio (Andreea Darie, Andreea Drenea and Daciana Enache) will also join them in the final as they qualified from fifth place. In the second part of today´s competition, Lucian Săvulescu had to perform twice in less than 10 minutes in the Individual Men (5th) and Mixed Pairs (3rd, with Bianca Gorgovan). If you didn´t get to follow the competition live today, you can watch a couple of today´s routines here:

Alina Radu – 20.400 (2)

Lavinia Panaete – 20.100 (4)

Trio (Radu, Panaete, Gorgovan) – 20.100 (3)

Group (Radu, Panaete, Gorgovan, Drenea, Scînteie) – 20.150 (2)

On a different note, the team was clearly affected by the Sport Ministry’s Secretary of State Carmen Tocală’s explanations around the rewards the gymnasts should receive for their results at the 2013 World Games. Here is what they had to say in response: “The Federation did everything necessary for the World Games – this is the fourth time Romania attends these Games, having brought home medals each time without being recognized for  them – to be included in the 1447 Government Act, but this recommendation was not accepted. We are sure that this problem could be solved with an internal act, specifically for these Games. The gymnasts don’t understand why this sport, which has brought home more than 110 medals, does not see its success properly rewarded (last year’s gold medal at Worlds was not rewarded either although it was our 6th consecutive medal). There are also other sports competing at the World Games, it’s not only Aerobics and everyone has to qualify one year earlier. It’s the second most important competition, after the Olympic Games, and it is organized under the patronage of the Olympic Committee. We would like to clarify the status of these competitions for all sports who can qualify at these Games. We would like to thank all those who will support our efforts in this respect.”

Tomorrow, the competition continues in Arques with the senior qualifications, starting 3pm CET.

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