2013 Worlds: Larisa and Sandra in three finals

With the women´s qualification competition at the 2013 Worlds now also over, we can confirm the results of the three Romanian gymnasts performing at this event.

Sandra Izbașa

Ștefania Stănilă, the “rookie” of the team, competed only on beam and floor in the first day of qualification. Overall, it was not a bad performance but her difficulty score at this time is not high enough to give her hopes of making a final and the beam mistake did not help either…

Beam: 12.266 (54)

Floor: 12.700 (39)

Larisa Iordache was steady on all events – with the exception of bars where her hand slipped, almost causing a fall – and made all the finals she was hoping for: All-around (a total of 57.865 for 4th place), beam and floor.

Beam: 15.266 (1)

Floor: 14.500 (3)

Uneven Bars: 13.166 (35)

Vault: 14.933


Sandra Izbașa´s performance can probably be named one of the routines of the day. 6.2 difficulty, impressive control and a wonderful presence on the floor.

Floor: 14.700 (2)

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