“Pierre de Coubertin” program supports Romanian Rhythmic gymnastics

In what is left of this year, the best junior gymnasts will be given the chance to train in Bucharest in a camp financed by the Romanian Rhythmic Federation (FRGR) through the ˮPierre de Coubertin” program, coordinated by the Romanian Sports Ministry. The program, part of the European strategy for sport development, comes to support National Federations sport programs dedicated to children, juniors as well as the disabled.

Ștefania Oltean

The selection of the gymnasts took place in Bucharest at the beginning of this month with Irina Deleanu (FRGR president), Maria Gîrbă (Olimpia Bucharest Club coach), Marinela Jipa (Technical Director), Cătălin Manu (Secretary General), Rimma Stopina (coach) and Alexandra Piscupescu (gymnast) forming the selection plannel. The camp addresses 9 to 13 year old juniors and clubs from 8 Romanian cities (Baia-Mare, Bistrița, Brașov, București, Iași, Oradea, Ploiești and Târgu-Mureș) sent in their gymnasts for this selection.

The team that will train in Bucharest with Maria Gîrbă and Rimma Stopina (Ukraine) is made up of the following gymnasts:

LPS Bistrița. Coach: Ica Sigartău

Ștefania Oltean

Timeea Zadic

CSS Anghel Saligny Iași. Coaches: Cătălina and Constantin Radu

Andreea Verdeș

Laura Aniței

CS Olimpia București. Coach: Maria Gîrbă

Alice David

Denisa Mailat

LPS Târgu-Mureș. Coach: Mihaela Șandor

Klementina Adamoși

CSM Ploiești. Coaches: Simona Puiu and Liliana Băescu

Livia Harcan

Cesima Nechifor

Denisa Stoian

Ana Toma


From left to right: (Up) Alice David, Timeea Zadic, Andreea Verdeș, Klementina Adamoși, Denisa Mailat. (Down) Livia Harcan, Denisa Stoian, Cesima Nechifor, Ana Toma, Laura Aniței

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