2013 Romanian Nationals: Men’s competition

The two day competition held in Bucharest early September was a 12 hour a day gymnastics event, putting together both junior and senior gymnasts, MAG and WAG. The men’s competition did include many more gymnasts than the women’s mainly due to the fact that we do have more senior gymnasts in MAG. The last preparation stage for the Antwerp Worlds saw the entire Romanian National team come together at this competition alongside top Romanian Juniors.

Team competition

CSM/LPS Bistrița, CS Dinamo & CSM Lugoj

Dinamo was clearly the top club at this competition: they not only won the team event, but also many of the junior and senior apparatus finals. 3 seniors and 2 juniors helped the Bucharest team secure the gold medal ahead of Bistrița’s first team (which included National team members Bațagă and Berbecar) and CSM Lugoj (led by Vlad Cotuna).


Seniors: Cristian Bațagă

Juniors: Robert Ghiuzan

The first day of competition combined Team, All-around and qualification for event finals, all in one. Dinamo’s Andrei Muntean and Bistrița’s Cristian Bațagă went head to head in the All-around, while also helping their teams place first and second, respectively. Cristian did not place first on any of the six events but he performed consistenly on all of them to secure the All-around title for the first time in his career. This comes naturally for him as he has been representing Romania in the All-around in all the recent competitions. Andrei Muntean followed him closely, with top scores on his two strongest events (rings and parallel bars), but a mistake on pommel horse put him in second place. As Andrei has not competed in the All-around at all throughout the year, we are wondering whether he will go for it at Worlds or keep focusing on his two favorite events. The top Junior at Nationals was Dinamo´s Robert Ghiuzan (he was followed closely by Bistrița’s Paraschivu brothers), who dominated both the All-around and the event finals in the Junior division.

Event Finals: Floor

Seniors: Flavius Koczi

Juniors: Raul Paraschivu

Flavius is concentrating this year on his three best events (floor, vault and pommel horse) and leaving aside any All-around effort. He will look to qualify in this event final at Worlds and still needs to polish those landings till then. His second day routine looked better, although it is still far from being clean. In the junior competition, Raul Paraschivu took home his only gold medal in this championship.

Event Finals: Pommel Horse

Seniors: Ovidiu Buidoșo

Juniors: Ionuț Daminescu

Both Ovidiu and Ionuț dominated the pommel horse competition in the senior and junior divisions, respectively. They won both the qualification and event finals. Ovidiu outscored former European champion on this apparatus, Flavius Koczi, to win the gold medal.

Event Finals: Vault

Seniors: Flavius Koczi

Juniors: Robert Ghiuzan

Flavius did not seem to be in top shape at this competition, he is probably looking to peak at this year’s Worlds in search of another medal after his silver on this apparatus at the Moscow Europeans. Robert Ghiuzan was very successful in the junior events, winning four out of six.

Event Finals: Rings

Seniors: Andrei Muntean

Juniors: Robert Ghiuzan

Both Robert and Andrei seem to share a passion for the same events, where they both medaled: rings and parallel bars.

Event Finals: Parallel Bars

Seniors: Marius Berbecar

Juniors: Robert Ghiuzan

Marius finally found the consistency he needed on this apparatus and put together two clean routines at this championship. Hopefully, he will be able to do the same at Worlds as he is very capable of making the apparatus final there. Find the link to his Day 1 performance here.

Event Finals: High Bar

Seniors: Vlad Cotuna

Juniors: Robert Ghiuzan

Vlad Cotuna is still Romania’s top bar worker, placing first on this event both days.

Find the complete results from this competition here.

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