Alexandra Piscupescu at the Cali World Games

The 9th edition of the World Games – a competition organized every four years by the International World Games Association (IWGA), which was initially meant for non-Olympic sports only – is currently under way in Cali, Colombia. Rhythmic gymnastics was one of the Olympic sports selected for this edition of the Games (this selection depends on the existing facilities in the hosting city so sports can be different from one edition to the other), with 24 gymnasts from 17 countries at the start. The competition faced problems from the very start as the venue was not properly prepared to host the event: trainings were cancelled as temperatures were too high inside the arena, competitions got delayed for the same reason with the ribbon competition eventually cancelled due to issues with the air conditioning system.

Alexandra Piscupescu, Romania´s representative at the event, had her own luggage problems to deal with, on top of the venue issues, but she competed alongside the other gymnasts in the three remaining events. Her best score came on her hoop routine, placing 11th in the qualifications. The competition was dominated by Ukraine and Belarus, with Melitina Staniouta (BLR) winning two gold medals (ball and clubs).

Here are Alexandra´s scores and routines from qualifications:





Alexandra Piscupescu

15.883 (11)

15.000 (13)

14.516 (20)


With Rhythmic competitions now over, Aerobic, Trampoline and Acrobatic gymnastics were set to take the stage in Cali but the International Federation (FIG) announced they might cancel these events due to the high risks implied. An official confirmation is pending a final inspection of the venue this Sunday.

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