Corina Constantin and the Romanian Trio, winners of the 2013 World Cup

The 2013 edition of the Aerobic World Cup designated its winners at the end of the four stages of the competition, in Aix Les Bains (France), Tokyo (Japan), Azores Islands (Portugal) and Borovets (Bulgaria). The Romanian gymnasts competed successfully at these four events, making many of the podiums.

Corina Constantin. Photo: Laura Cristache

Corina Constantin is the winner of the Individual Women´s competition after she placed second in France and Portugal and fourth in the other two stages. Team mate Bianca Becze, winner of the Borovets event, came in third. Also noteworthy is Elena Roșca´s – Portuguese gymnast of Romanian origins – fifth place in the ranking. Here is Corina’s silver medal routine from Portugal:

Cristian Iordan (video) and Mihăiță Cimpoi came in 8th and 10th, respectively, with France’s Benjamin Garavel dominating the men’s competition. Both competed in only two of the four stages and their best result came with Mihăiță’s fourth place in France.

The two Mixed Pairs representing Romania, Andreea Bogati – Cristian Iordan and Bianca Becze – Marius Petrușe are ranked number 2 and 3, respectively. While the first won the Azores competition (video) and another bronze medal, the second won the Borovets event.

Romania’s second World Cup was won by the Women’s Trio. Corina Constantin, Andreea Bogati and Anca Surdu won the Portuguese stage and placed third in Bulgaria, behind team mates Marius Petrușe, Marius Gavriloaie and Mihăiță Cimpoi, 5th in the World Cup ranking.

The Romanian Group only competed in the last stage of the Cup, an event their actually won. The girls – Anca Surdu, Corina Constantin, Andreea Bogati, Diana Deac and Bianca Becze – are ranked 4th only for this performance.

The team is now looking towards Cali, in Columbia, for the World Games.

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