6 medals for Romania in the apparatus finals

Apparatus finals at the Moscow Euros brought in 6 more medals for Romania, after Larisa Iordache’s All-around silver. 3 of them were won by Larisa herself after medalling in all finals she competed in. As this is the first time she competes a second vault in a major championship, her silver medal on this apparatus is a real achievement. In the second day, she won beam and added another silver on floor. Diana Bulimar came in right behind her on beam and floor to add 2 more medals to the Romanian collection.

Larisa Iordache. Photo: Volker Minkus

In the men’s finals, Flavius Koczi came back strong in the second day and won silver on vault despite experiencing visible pain. He finished 4th on floor after missing his very first pass. Andrei Muntean also experienced a fall right at the beginning of his parallel bars routine to place 7th in the final.

Gold medal for Larisa for this routine:

Video: TVR

Here are the scores and the routines:

Apparatus Finals




Parallel Bars

Larisa Iordache

14.466 (2)

15.266 (1)

14.733 (2)

Diana Bulimar

14.833 (2)

14.533 (3)

Flavius Koczi

14.887 (2)

14.666 (4)

Andrei Muntean

13.866 (7)

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