Results from MAG Schools National Championships in Buzău

The second part of the Schools National Championships were held in Buzău at the beginning of this week, with gymnasts from 9 Romanian cities competing for the medals.

The most successful clubs at the competition were CSS Lugoj and LPS Bistrița I, winning more than 35 medals each. Daniel Moldoi, Alexandru Erlich, Raul and Rareș Paraschivu from Bistrița I, Robert Ghiuzan and Liviu Ioniță from Dinamo, Eduard Gavrilă from Brașovia, Rafael Szabo and Patrick Voichescu from Lugoj, Raul Tonca from Sibiu and Robert and Gabriel Burtanete from Buzău stood out, winning at least 3 gold medals each.

Photo: Gym Lugoj

Here are the official results by category. You can find detailed results here.

Juniors M (1994)


1.     Daniel Moldoi (LPS Bistrița I)

2.      Alexandru Erlich (LPS Bistrița I)

3.      Dan Chistoia (CSS Reșița)

Event finals:

Floor: Daniel Moldoi (LPS Bistrița I)

Pommel Horse: Daniel Moldoi (LPS Bistrița I)

Rings: Alexandru Erlich (LPS Bistrița I)

Vault: Alexandru Erlich (LPS Bistrița I)

Parallel Bars: Alexandru Erlich (LPS Bistrița I)

High Bar: Daniel Moldoi (LPS Bistrița I)

Juniors I, Level 6 (1995)


1.     Raul Paraschivu (LPS Bistrița I)

2.      Robert Pașca (CSS Reșița)

3.      Armando Ciucu (CSS Lugoj)

Event finals:

Floor: Rareș Paraschivu (LPS Bistrița I)

Pommel Horse: Rareș Paraschivu (LPS Bistrița I)

Rings: Raul Paraschivu (LPS Bistrița I) / Armando Ciucu (CSS Lugoj)

Vault: Rareș Paraschivu (LPS Bistrița I)

Parallel Bars: Raul Paraschivu (LPS Bistrița I) / Robert Pașca (CSS Reșița)

High Bar: Raul Paraschivu (LPS Bistrița I)

Juniors II, Level 5 (1996 – 1997)


1.     CSS Dinamo

2.      CSS Lugoj

3.      LPS Bistrița I


1.     Robert Ghiuzan (CSS Dinamo)

2.      Ovidiu Prichindel (CSS Dinamo)

3.      Răzvan Ionuț Todor (CSS Lugoj)

Event finals:

Floor: Răzvan Ionuț Todor (CSS Lugoj)

Pommel Horse: Adrian Popa (CSS1 Timișoara)

Rings: Răzvan Ionuț Todor (CSS Lugoj)

Vault: Alexandru Oltean (LPS Bistrița I)

Parallel bars: Robert Ghiuzan (CSS Dinamo)

High bar: Robert Ghiuzan (CSS Dinamo)

Juniors III


1.     CSS Brașovia

2.      CSS Dinamo

3.      LPS Bistrița I

Level 4 (1998-1999)


1.     Liviu Ioniță (CSS Dinamo)

2.      Andrei Gula (CSS Dinamo)

3.      Alexandru Bănicioiu (CSS Lugoj)

Event finals:

Floor: Andrei Gula (CSS Dinamo)

Pommel Horse: Alexandru Bănicioiu (CSS Lugoj) / Robert Damian (CSS Buzău)

Rings: Alexandru Bănicioiu (CSS Lugoj)

Vault: Adrian Popa (CSS Dinamo) / George Onciul (LPS Bistrița I)

Parallel Bars: Liviu Ioniță (CSS Dinamo)

High Bar: Liviu Ioniță (CSS Dinamo) / George Onciul (LPS Bistrița I)

Level 3 (2000-2001)


1.     Eduard Gavrilă (CSS Brașovia)

2.      Marian Alexandroaie (CSS Brașovia)

3.      Radu Berariu (LPS Bistrița I)

Event finals:

Floor: Rafael Szabo (CSS Lugoj)

Pommel Horse: Eduard Gavrilă (CSS Brașovia)

Rings: Rafael Szabo (CSS Lugoj)

Vault: Bogdan Marian Constantin (CSS Buzău)

Parallel Bars: Rafael Szabo (CSS Lugoj) / Eduard Gavrilă (CSS Brașovia)

High Bar: Rafael Szabo (CSS Lugoj)

Juniors IV


1.     CSS Buzău

2.      CSS Sibiu

3.      CSS Dinamo

Level 2 (2002-2003)


1.     Robert Burtanete (CSS Buzău)

2.      Gabriel Burtanete (CSS Buzău)

3.      Teodor Minea (CSS Dinamo)

Event finals:

Floor: Robert Burtanete (CSS Buzău)

Pommel Horse: Luca Marian Gavril (CSS1 Timișoara) / Robert Burtanete (CSS Buzău)

Rings: Luca Marian Gavril (CSS1 Timișoara) / Robert Burtanete (CSS Buzău) / Gabriel Burtanete (CSS Buzău) / Cristian Mărginean (LPS Bistrița I)

Vault: Gabriel Burtanete (CSS Buzău)

Parallel Bars: Marius Macarei (CSS Sibiu) / Robert Burtanete (CSS Buzău) / Gabriel Burtanete (CSS Buzău)

High Bar: Petruș Cristian Radu (CSS Dinamo) / Gabriel Burtanete (CSS Buzău)

Level 1 (2004-2005)


1.     Patrick Emanuel Voichescu (CSS Lugoj)

2.      Raul Tonca (CSS Sibiu)

3.      Justin Giriada (CSS Dinamo)

Event finals:

Floor: Patrick Emanuel Voichescu (CSS Lugoj)

Pommel Horse: Raul Tonca (CSS Sibiu)

Rings: Patrick Emanuel Voichescu (CSS Lugoj)

Vault: Raul Tonca (CSS Sibiu)

Parallel Bars: Patrick Emanuel Voichescu (CSS Lugoj)

High Bar: Raul Tonca (CSS Sibiu)

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