Alexandra Piscupescu, Ana Luiza Filiorianu and Adriana Teocan at the Lisbon World Cup

For the past four days, Lisbon hosted the second stage of this season’s Rhythmic World Cup, which also included a Junior International Tournament. Romania was represented in both competitions by Seniors Alexandra Piscupescu and Adriana Teocan and Junior Ana Luiza Filiorianu, all of them from Olimpia Bucharest club.

Alexandra Piscupescu

The competition started off on Thursday with the hoop and ball Junior events, continuing on Friday with ribbon and clubs. Ana Luiza Filiorianu, Junior National champion, finished 7th in the individual competition performing two very good ball (13.500 for 5th) and clubs (14.150, also for 5th) routines. She, unfortunately, made a couple of mistakes during the other two routines, scoring 12.600 on both to place 7th on hoop and 9th on ribbon. She didn’t manage to improve her Moscow Grand Prix performance, coming close to the 53 points she won there (her overall score here: 52.850). She is a very promising gymnast, though; we have high expectations from her in the future.

The Seniors took the stage in the second day of the competition, also starting with hoop and ball and continuing on Saturday with ribbon and clubs. Alexandra placed 7th All-around and qualified to three of the four event finals. She had some trouble with her clubs right at the end of the routine and placed 12th here, which prevented her from making this final as well. Here is her beautiful ball routine, where she got her highest score of the meet:

Adriana earned 57.200 points in her first international competition of the season to place 29th in the All-around final. She chose to add vocals to her ribbon routine (you can only have one routine with vocals) and it really payed off:

Here are the scores and the links to the girls’ routines:







Ana Luiza Filiorianu





52.850 (7th)

Alexandra Piscupescu





66.400 (7th)

Adriana Teocan





52.200 (29th)

Event finals were pretty successful for Alexandra with two very solid hoop and ribbon routines, where she managed to improve her scores from the All-around to place 7thand 5th, respectively. Although it is her ball routine that usually impresses me, this time I thought her ribbon routine was really special. She had not performed this routine well in Moscow, but she came back much stronger here:

Here are the scores and links to Alexandra’s event finals routines:

Event Finals




Alexandra Piscupescu

16.900 (7th)

16.050 (6th)

16.600 (5th)

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