Results from WAG Schools National Championships in Buzău

Sport schools from 10 Romanian cities sent in their gymnasts to compete in Buzău for the past two days, at the 2013 Schools National Championship, the first national competition of the season. The most successful clubs were CSS1 Constanța, which came away with 28 medals (9 gold, 6 silver and 13 bronze medals), CSS Cetate Deva with 19 medals and CSS1 Timișoara with 16.

Among the most successful gymnasts at the event were Lisa Marchidanu (6 medals out of which 3 gold), Camelia Anghel (6 medals – 2 gold), Olivia Cîmpean (5 medals – 3 gold), Mălina Milea (4 medals, all of them gold) and Andreea Ilaș (5 medals – 3 gold)

Here are the results per category (you can also consult full results here):

Junior 4


1.      CSS1 Timișoara

2.      CSS3 Steaua

3.      CSS1 Constanța

Level 1 (gymnasts from 2004)


1.      Lisa Marchidanu (CSS3 Steaua)

2.      Ramona Pahontu (CSS Buzau)

3.      Elisa Stana (CSS1 Timișoara)

Event Finals:

FX: Emilia Munteanu (CSS1 Constanța)

BB: Andreea Tudor (CSS Dinamo)

UB: Lisa Marchidanu (CSS3 Steaua)

VT: Ana Maria Avram (CSS1 Constanța) / Lisa Marchidanu (CSS3 Steaua)


Level 2 (2003)


1.      Camelia Anghel (CSS3 Steaua)

2.      Ana Puiu (CSSG Focșani)

3.      Denisa Furak (CSS1 Timișoara)

Event Finals:

FX: Ana Puiu (CSSG Focșani)

BB: Gianina Dan (CSS1 Timișoara)

UB: Camelia Anghel (CSS3 Steaua)

VT: Anca Sotir (CSS2 București)


Junior 3

Level 3 (2002)


1.      Andreea  Ilaș (CSS1 Timișoara)

2.      Alina Nicolae (CSS Buzău)

3.      Denisa Golgotă (Cetate Deva)

Event Finals:

FX: Bianca Matei (CSS1 Constanța)

BB: Andreea Ilaș (CSS1 Timișoara)

UB: Georgiana Vieru (Cetate Deva)

VT: Andreea Ilaș (CSS1 Timișoara)


Level 4 (2001)


1.      Olivia Cîmpean (Cetate Deva)

2.      Alexandra Mihai (CSS2 București)

3.      Ioana Crișan (Cetate Deva)

Event Finals:

FX: Olivia Cîmpean (Cetate Deva)

BB: Alexandra Mihai (CSS2 București)

UB: Olivia Cîmpean (Cetate Deva)

VT: Ioana Crișan (Cetate Deva)

Junior 2 (1999)


1.      Dora Vulcan (CSS Dinamo)

2.      Raluca Brutaru (CSS1 Constanța)

3.      Laura Tofan (CSS1 Constanța)

Event Finals:

FX: Dora Vulcan (CSS Dinamo)

BB: Raluca Brutaru (CSS1 Constanța)

UB: Emanuela Pârvă (Cetate Deva)

VT: Maria Holbură (CSS1 Constanța)

Junior 1 (1998)


1.      Mălina Milea (CSS1 Constanța)

2.      Ioana Coman (CSS1 Constanța)

3.      Ioana Badea (CSS1 Timișoara)

Event Finals:

FX: Mălina Milea (CSS1 Constanța)

BB: Mirela Grădinaru (CS Nadia Comăneci  Onești)

UB: Mălina Milea (CSS1 Constanța)

VT: Mălina Milea (CSS1 Constanța)

On Monday, the boys are also taking the stage in Buzău.

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