4 Romanians at the Cottbus World Cup

After Flavius Koczi’s success at last weekend’s French Internationals, another four gymnasts from the Romanian National team took the stage for the first time this season at the Cottbus World Cup in Germany: Cristian Bațagă, Vlad Cotuna, Andrei Ursache and Ovidiu Buidoșo. Unfortunately, none of them managed to get into a final at this competition.

Larisa and Diana were also set to compete here but they were withdrawn at the last moment.

Here are the scores:




Pommel Horse


Parallel Bars

High bar

Cristian Bațagă

13.800 (18)

14.575 (12)

13.487 (19)

14.075 (16)

Vlad Cotuna

12.350 (41)

14.150 (14)

14.025 (12)

Andrei Ursache

14.125 (10)

Ovidiu Buidoșo

12.025 (32)


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