Romania @ 2013 Nadia Comăneci Invitational

This Saturday, at the Cox Arena and Convention Centre in Oklahoma, it was time for the annual Nadia Comăneci Invitational, a competition that has always featured Romanian gymnasts, among others, ever since its 2009 inauguration (a competition won back then by none other than Sandra Izbașa).

This year, Romania decided to send in some of the best level 4 Juniors (girls born in 2000): Asiana Peng (Cetate Deva Club) – Junior National champion of this age group,  Andreea Ciurușniuc (Steaua Bucharest), Cristina Vrabie (Steaua Bucharest) and Anda Butuc (CSS2 Bucharest).

Asiana competed in all four events and placed 5th in the Junior All-around competition. Although she didn‘t present full difficulty, her good execution on all events is a sign of her potential. She scored a 14.000 on floor, 13.000 on vault, 13.400 on beam (with a fall) and 12.050 on UB (for a simple routine).

Anda Butuc performed on only two events for a 14.200 on beam and 11.750 on UB. Her beam routine she won this event final – was different from what we usually see from Romanian Juniors and included an Onodi.                  Photo: International Gymnast

Andreea Ciurușniuc, All-around bronze medalist at National level for this age group, performed on all four events as well and showed a 2 1/2 twist and a double pike for a 12.850 on floor, 13.250 on vault, 11.700 on UB and a 13.700 on beam.

Cristina Vrabie, performed on UB but a fall on her Ginger and a missed transition from low to high bar led her to score a 9.100. She did better on vault – 13.500 – and on beam –  12.800.

You can find the full results from the 2013 Nadia Comăneci Invitational here. Thanks to Double Front Blog who provided videos of all of our girls!

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