Larisa Iordache and Diana Bulimar interview

Larisa Iordache and Diana Bulimar, in an interesting interview for Romanian newspaper Prosport, talking about 2012, London, the holidays, using grips on bars, the new code of points and what they expect from 2013.

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Photo: Prosport

How was 2012 for you?

Bulimar: Both good and bad. It was bad because of the injuries that kept us from training. When you learn a skill and your practice it, you get used to it and it’s difficult having to stop training it and start over from scratch. In my opinion, the most important thing is that the good outnumbered the bad. And I’m thinking about the European and Olympic team medals here.

Iordache: I’d say I’m pretty happy with my first senior year. It could have been better but I couldn’t do more due to injury. Not being able to help the team properly at the Olympics was the most difficult moment for me. I was very upset about that injury; I really wanted an individual medal as well but I have to put it all behind me and try to improve for the future.

How did you feel about going back to the gym after London?

Bulimar: It was like coming back from holidays. It’s just a normal training stage: you slowly start learning new skills with next year’s competitions already in mind.

Iordache: I had to take in the disappointment after London so it was a bit more difficult for me. I moved on with the help of my coaches and team mates. I’m already thinking about next year’s European and World Championships. I really want to work hard to do better there.

Have you got used to using grips on bars?

Bulimar: Yesss. It took us a while to get used to them – I sometimes have the feeling my hands will slip – but it’s much better now. We know this is in our own best interest, so that we can develop here as well. 

Iordache: It’s going good! (smiles)

Have you already started working on the new code?

Bulimar: Yes. We are working on adding skills, growing in difficulty; some of our connections have lower difficulty now. In order to compete in the All-around next year, I will have to improve my vaulting.

Iordache: I have to improve the difficulty score on some of my apparatus. Ok, on all of them because I really want to medal in the All-around.

Larisa, once Catalina and Sandra retire, you can become the new team leader. Are you ready for it?

I know Didi and I have to stand behind the future team, it’s a big responsibility. What matters most is that I won’t be alone in this, I have Didi with me and we support and encourage each other. It’s better this way.

Do you still share a room?

(they look at each other and start laughing) Of course. How else?

Given the fact that you and Didi will be the team’s core, do you think you can still be called “the little one”?

(laughs) I’ve never felt this way. I’ve grown a lot during my first senior year; I am more experienced now both from a competition point of view but also from a mindset perspective.

What do you want 2013 to bring you?

Bulimar: No injuries, doing the All-around, performing well because if I do, then medals will follow.

Iordache: Getting over all the obstacles we will be facing, having the strength to train more and medaling in the All-around.

Original interview by Mirela Basescu for Prosport here.