Catalina Ponor: The secret of my success?! Work, more work, ambition and consistency.

Catalina´s next competition will be held in Mexico between the 22nd-25th of November.

Cătălina, how are your holidays going?

I´ve been taking a rest, relaxing with my friends and family. I´m having a great holiday and I´m enjoying the moments I spend with my loved ones.

Are you used to your new schedule?

There was this moment in my car, I was with a friend, it was pretty late. I asked her what time it was and I reacted something like this: “I am late, I have to go back.” She then told me to relax, I had already finished. It´s normal to have this kind of reactions after spending so much time training.

How long will you be on holidays?

I will be back in the gym by middle of the month. I will be attending some shows outside Romania and I´ll have to be ready, I can´t just go shake my hand there.

Will you be performing your London routines on beam and floor?

It will probably be an easier routine, I´ll have to prepare a show because this is what it´s all about. You have to make people feel they don´t love you for nothing.

Are you considering Cirque du Soleil?

No. This kind of shows are not my kind.

What did you take back from London?

The beautiful memories and moments I spent with my team mates and coaches but also the not so pleasant moments in the arena.

There seemed to be some tension between you and your coaches after London.

Some people think so but I have nothing against them and they have nothing against me. We get along well, we phone each other…

What do you take with you from the last two years?

The maturity in preparing competitions and trainings, the ambition and the desire to show everyone you can get back at top level if you really want to.

You said no to “Dancing with the stars”. Aren´t you tempted to go into show business?

I received their invitation, but I decided not to accept it because I needed some rest. I don´t want to be involved in this kind of shows for now, I don´t want to go into this world.

So what next? Will you continue with gymnastics?

I haven´t thought about it for now, I don´t know if I will continue or retire but I hope I will take the best decision for me.

What is your strongest desire?

To keep healthy!

Where was it easier for you, at Deva or Izvorani?

Izvorani. Deva was different, I was not as mature as now. The coaches gave me more freedom at Izvorani. Besides, it´s normal to see training with different eyes at this age.

Did you have to work harder than for Athens?

Yes, I had to catch up with the time lost during the 4 years I spent at home. When I went back to the gym, the girls were training their routines, they had not had a break. I had to catch up with them.

What would you have to say about the past two years?

Ambition. I was ambitious, I wanted it badly.

Do you consider not having a world title a failure?

It is a failure, I wish I also had won one. But if God didn´t want to give me this gift…

Could this motivate you to continue?

Maybe! (laughs).

The secret of my success?! Work, more work, ambition and consistency in everything you want to do.

Cătălina Ponor, three time Olympic Champion

We are waiting for her to come back to training next week for the last part of the season.

Mariana Bitang, WAG National team coach 

Original interview by Mirela Basescu for Prosport here.