Curaj Sandra, Ana and Catalina!

Sandra, Ana and Catalina were interviewed by Curaj România. Here is what each one of them said (original videos by Curaj România included).


Sandra Izbașa 

I started gymnastics when I was 4, my parents initially wanted me to do something that would help me grow in a balanced way, to stop injuring myself playing as I used to do a lot. I started with tennis but after two days I gave it up, then fencing but I thought the sword was real….Gymnastics fascinated me from the start.

We are preparing for Worlds, we have to wrap up our routines to perform them as clean as possible, trainings are more intense now.

I´ve always wanted more: I want gold at Worlds and gold at the Olympics, why not?

My favorite routine in the one on floor but now I´ve started to like vault as well. Mr Bellu and Mrs Mariana encouraged me to do a second vault so that I could be in the vault final and have another chance to medal.

From a very early age I´ve been my own idol. I like all athletes, especially if they are Romanian and they win.

The most difficult moment, that really had an effect on me, was the injury. It changed me completely. I got over it and I slowly started to train again and get back to elite gymnastics.

The public´s support means a lot to us. It´s wonderful when they bring banners to the arena. That means they are paying more attention to this sport which is really good.

In 2012 we need to be at our best, fight for the top spot. It would be good to be on the podium, but it would be amazing to win gold.


Ana Porgras

My name is Ana Porgras, I´m 17 and I was born in Galați. My current club is Farul Constanța but I train in Bucharest, at Izvorani with the Olympic team. My mum had the idea to take me to gymnastics when I was 4, see if I could practice it and the coaches confirmed I was right for it.

We train twice a day, 5-6 hours a day, from 9 in the morning and from 3:30 in the afternoon.

A difficult moment for me was the injury, when I had to stop training  and could not do anything. I´ve had other difficult moments when I wanted to quit but I stayed on.

[I want] the Olympic medal, the most important in a gymnast´s career.

[The best moment] was when I stepped on the podium at Worlds. It was the most beautifuil moment of my life.

I really hope the public keeps supporting us, that everything goes well and that we don´t let them down.


Cătălina Ponor

I started gymnastics when I was 4, I had seen a number of tapes with Nadia Comăneci. I really liked her and wanted to be like her so I ended up in the gym. I liked it a lot and I could not give it up.

Beam is my favorite apparatus.

We train every day for 5 hours, around 2 hours and a half per training.

I think every athlete wants to get to the Olympics, if not to win, to at least be there. For me, as a triple Olympic Champion, this is the ultimate goal right now.

[About the most difficult moment] There are many moments. I think the most difficult for me was coming back after so many years away.

Your family and the public’s support is very important but in the end the most important thing is to be able to motivate yourself. For me, the public’s support is very important, it motivates me to do better.

We really want to bring Romania back to where it used to be, on top.

Support us in London in 2012!